DeyLight Biography

DeyLight is a two in one wedding band and DJ. Weddings are expensive. Having to pay for two services in one is the way to go. The members have a very close connection. Rigardt Dey,  (guitar and vocals) and Pieter Botha (Drums/percussion) have been friends and bandmates since 2013 when they started an Indie-Rock band together. Don’t Pet the Elephant became a local success between 2013-2016 before the band split up after playing their last gig at Oppikoppi. Rigardt and Pieter decided to continue making music together, frequently writing new songs and recording them along the way.

In December 2017 a friend of Rigardt’s needed a wedding band. Bored and looking for a new challenge the duo played at the wedding. Mere days after their first wedding performance couples started calling, asking for a quote. That’s when they decided to officially start a wedding band. The third member of the band, Juan le Roux is Rigardt’s brother in law. He joined the band after helping out at a wedding for fun. Juan has played for several very successful bands in his day. Winning a SAMA award with “Not my Dog” in the early 2000’s. Juan is the Lead guitarist and brings a fresh and vibrant feeling to the live setup.

Bride and Groom